With forward transactions, you can securely buy and sell foreign currency in the futures markets. A Forward contract is a foreign trade contract enabling the sale or purchase of a given foreign currency on a future date at a predetermined exchange rate and parity. For companies that engage in exports or imports, forward contracts prevent or minimize the financial loss that may occur due to the fluctuations or speculations in the foreign exchange rates. With forward contracts, you can secure your receivables and debts in the volatile and risky market environment and have protection against foreign exchange risk.

Axiscon Investment Bank Limited Mutual Funds are investment instruments that enable you to invest your savings in a portfolio of various capital market instruments such as repo, bonds and stocks. The mutual funds that are effectively managed by our professional fund managers diversify the risk and aim to maximize returns. Furthermore, you don't have to open a separate account for your mutual fund transactions as you can perform them through your existing current accounts.

With the Revolving Loans, you can use your line of credit to meet your short term need for cash. These loans do not involve specific repayment terms and the collection of interest is made periodically. With Revolving Loans, you can reduce your company's financial burden.

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